forever crying over auslly
auslly/raura is the reason for my insanity and loss of a million ovaries.

Love Whisperer is back


*Diners & Daters — Season 1 Episode 10*
Dez: They call me *whispers* the love whisperer
Austin: *Whispers* No one calls you that
*Partners & Parachutes — Season 2 Episode 10*
Dez: That’s why they call me *whispers* the love whisperer
Austin: No one *whispers* calls you that.

Coincidentally they’re both in Episode 10 ;)

omg dez’s singing at the end of the episode

he is just too precious akljshkjdfhgdfjgdsjkgf

Ross and Laura are both in New York this week


tumblr_inline_mjh0gjvnlO1qz4rgp.png (500×66)


More Raura pictures? I hope so

It’s like I’m watching the best romantic movie ever! —Dez (via ally-austin)


Partners & Parachutes promo clips thanks to the lovely Brie.

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hmmm….interesting…. please give me credit on instagram if you use it! @/crazy4r5

I find it funny that Laura just recently wore red lipstick…


The best Auslly/Raura picture ever!!!!

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